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The melting of the Arctic permafrost threatens to release more greenhouse gases to accelerate global

发表时间:2018-10-21 00:00

   A NASA frontier survey found that the Arctic permafrost may have begun to melt and release greenhouse gases it has saved for decades, exacerbating global warming effects. And it could become a long-term source of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere this century, more than scientists had expected, and the permafrost could remain carbon neutral for longer. And now research suggests that it is about to take a shorter time to become a significant source of carbon emissions.
NASA's research papers have undergone modal simulations. The carbon ablation rate of the Arctic permafrost is five times more than that of the Antarctic permafrost every 100 years. The warmer Arctic region has already begun to undergo permafrost ablation, which means that the region's carbon footprint is likely to be offset by the growth of the planet's plants, but the balance of light cooperation of plants is likely to be lost by late 2100. Climate change has now begun in the Arctic region, adapting faster than ecosystems can. If the process of permafrost ablation continues, by 2300 the Arctic will have more than 10 times as much carbon emissions as the fossil fuels used by humans in 2016.

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